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Der Stierkämpfer

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" The Matador
       reflects the
                artists’ life "

For a long time the Ukrainian painter – Alexander Pankov lived in Marl (Germany) after he had fled from his Motherland because of the political reasons.
He was born in Kiev (Ukraine) in 1961, in 1979 he graduated from Art School and attended the Ukrainian Academy of Arts. Pankov had worked as a painter and an architect in his Motherland till 1995 When he had to leave his country : political reasons had brought him persecution and prosecution.
About the end of the 80-th he exhibited his paintings in Recklinrhausen (Germany) and Gent (Belgium).Since 1992 he has been being a member of the artists’ society "Psyhodom", which was united round an artist Karl Ecksmann from Marl-Sinsen. Alexander took part in the joint project of the society. Then other exhibitions followed in Recklinghausen, Marl, Berlin, Dortmund and Aachen.
Pankov lives in Dortmund now.
Alexander Pankov prefers to work with crayons, but not only, oil paintings and water-colours also have appeared.
Sometimes a picture can be ready in two hours, sometimes it continues more than a year.

"After my departure my canvases were dismal and dark. Light has just appeared in my paintings again." Now he works in his small two-rooms flat on a series of pictures about the history of the
Jews : "Biblical motives".

Ma(r)lerische Stadtansicht